Our theme this year is “Interconnectivity”. Staying connected has been a challenge we’ve all experienced throughout the pandemic. BCSers are renowned not only for our interconnection between disciplines, but also for having a strong and interconnected student body. Let’s put our minds together to build some creative solutions!


  • All members of your team must be accepted and registered as BCS Hack 2021 participants.
  • Teams may have up to 4 members in total.
  • You may not be a part of more than one team.


  • Hacking begins at 9:00 PM PST on Friday, Apr 9, 2021. You may not begin hacking before this time, although idea formation is allowed.
  • You must submit your project to devpost before 8:00 AM PST on Sunday, Apr 11, 2021, to be eligible to present your project.
  • All team members must be verified on Discord.
  • You are strongly recommended to submit a pre-recorded pitch video (3 minutes max) with your submission, but not strictly required.
  • Your demo video should be focused on a pitch as well as a live demo.
  • Submissions may not be submitted to multiple hackathons.
  • Finalists must present in the closing ceremony to be eligible to win prizes.


Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD2,350 in prizes

First Place - $1250

Second Place - $750

Third Place - $350

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Donald Acton

Donald Acton

Steve Wolfman

Karina Mochetti

Karina Mochetti

Judging Criteria

  • Theme (30%)
    Does this solution address a problem associated with interconnectivity?
  • Impact/Creativity (10%)
    Is this idea novel and creative?
  • Value Proposition (20%)
    Does this solution bring value to the market?
  • Technical Features (20%)
    How well does the solution make use of existing technology (software/hardware)?
  • Design (20%)
    Is the solution intuitive and is it functional?

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